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In Montana, we can have extreme weather. Having a sprinkler system during an unexpected cold weather snap can be nerve wracking. Below is a step-by-step video that explains cold weather snap information to home owners with sprinkler systems.

By following these basic steps you should be able to prevent major damage to your sprinkler system when we get freezing weather in our area.

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Instructions for a cold weather damage prevention

  1. Locate shut off for sprinkler system.

    This is usually a ball valve located in a crawl space or basement. The valve handle will be perpendicular to the pipe when in the off position.

  2. Run a test cycle from controller to remove pressure from pipes.

    This can be a manual cycle or a short test cycle.

  3. Remove plug where the water comes out of house.

    This is usually a white pvc plug that you can un-screw using a pair of pliers or channel locks.

  4. Turn handles on vacuum breaker to a 45 degree angle.

    There are 2 handles on the vaccum breaker that can be turned to release water from valve pockets.

  5. Cover vacuum breaker with an insulating material.

    Use insulation or an old blanket to wrap the brass vacuum breaker and secure.

By following the steps in the video or listed above, this will hopefully protect your above ground sprinkler components until the system can be properly winterized. Don’t worry about the below ground parts. Remember, it takes a long period of time for the ground to freeze fully and cause damage to pipes, sprinkler heads and valves. Once the system is fully winterized both above ground and underground parts are protected.

Is your name on the winterization list?

– Ron Hall Sprinklers

Frost in unexpected cold weather snap

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Please check out our Ron Hall Sprinkler’s YouTube page or for more helpful information.

Since we all know that Montana has interesting weather, Ron Hall Sprinklers hopes that this cold weather snap information is helpful.

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