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Ron Hall Sprinklers offers, RHS Tree & Lawn, a tree and lawn divison that provides fertilization and weed control for lawns. We specialize in dry, slow release fertilizer applications with a liquid weed control. Additional services such as aeration, power raking, and over seeding can be added to any fertiliter program we offer.


There are many environmental and social benefits that lawn fertilizer and weed control can provide a maintained lawn. When compared to other plants, properly maintained turf grass can be one of the best plants for the environment.

  • Turf contributes many beneficial characteristics to air quality. A dense lawn absorbs pollutants such as carbon dioxide and returns oxygen to the air. A healthy turf area 50’ by 50’ produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.  A thick, mowed turf helps control dust, pollen, and spores that are highly allergic for many people.
  • Grass is the best form of erosion control. Turf plants have a tremendous root system that binds soil particles together to prevent erosion during irrigation and heavy rainfall. The leaves and stems of grass plants help control runoff by slowing the rate of water flow and allowing the water to infiltrate into the soil, simultaneously reducing nutrient runoff that can pollute water systems.
  • Turf contributes to temperature modification and energy conservation. Turfgrass, along with trees and shrubs, cools the air by evapotranspiration and absorbing solar radiation. This cooling effect can lead to less air conditioner use, reducing the amount of pollution and energy costs. Turf grass also acts as an evaporative cooler. Temperature over grass-covered surfaces on a sunny summer day will be, on average, 10-15 degrees cooler then concrete and asphalt.
  • A healthy lawn increases curb appeal and home value. Lawns provide the ideal background for making the area an inviting setting. The first thing people see when approaching a property is the yard, so it gives that important first impression and can convey hospitality and warmth. Lawns are also generally a major part of the home landscape and a well-landscaped property can increase the value of a home 10-15%.

How we can help achieve that great lawn:

As you probably know, mowing and watering aren’t always enough for growing a thick, green lawn. Other treatments such as regular lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration and overseeding can be tedious and time consuming. That’s where we come in! We’ve got the products, experience and expertise to help you avoid the guesswork and uncertainty that comes from treating your own lawn.

  • Your lawn will be in expert hands.  With RHS Tree & Lawn, your lawn will get attention throughout the season. We’ll monitor it carefully, evaluating its progress during every visit and work with you to establish an optimal mowing and watering schedule essential for your lawn’s success.
  • Enjoy the benefits of regular care. A thick, green healthy lawn requires fertilizer treatments all season long- one or two treatments is not enough. With our programs, your lawn will get just the right amount of fertilizer and weed control products at the correct times throughout the season. And you’ll never have to worry about missing a scheduled visit, even when you’re at work or on vacation. We always call the day before to let you know we are coming.
  • You’ll save money on products and equipment. Lawn fertilizer and weed control work the best when they are applied correctly. Buying or renting professional application equipment can be expensive.  We have all the right equipment along with trained professionals who know how to use it. And when your lawn products are applied correctly, there is less waste, which means you are actually saving money and reducing the risk of over applying products.
  • With RHS Tree & Lawn, you’ll never be forced into products and services you don’t want or need. Since there are no long term commitments, you’re free to stop your program at any time. We’re confident once you see the results you’ll want to continue enjoy with our service.
  • You always get free service calls as a full program customer. If something unexpected happens to your lawn between regularly scheduled visits, simply give us a call! We’ll send a technician to take care of the problem as soon as possible.


Our Professional Lawn Care Programs

Our lawn fertilizers contain the essential nutrients your lawn needs to build a thick, green turf without burning. The formula also contains micro nutrients to help prevent or correct deficiencies that can cause your lawn to turn yellow.  Your lawn will receive regular feeding throughout the season, and because of our specially formulated time release fertilizer applications only occur every 4-6 weeks.

Custom Care Program

RHS Tree & Lawn’s custom lawn fertilizer program consists of 5 applications throughout the season:

  1. An application of granular fertilizer designed to promote early spring greening & to prepare the lawn for a healthy start to the season.

2. A custom blend of slow release lawn fertilizer and a blanket application of liquid weed control.

Now with the additon of grub control.
Consists of an insecticide incorporated in the second application of lawn fertilizer. This application is designed to protect against lawn feeding insects, such as grubs.

3. A custom blend of granular fertilizer & liquid weed control designed to maintain a healthy lawn through the summer heat & drought conditions.

4. A custom blend of slow release fertilizer & a spot application of liquid weed control.

5. An application of granular fertilizer specifically designed to prepare the lawn for the winter months ahead.


Complete Care Program

This program includes all the benefits of the Custom care program PLUS:

A Core Aeration.

~Offered in the fall, this mechanical process helps reverse soil compaction & unhealthy thatch levels. It also allows vital nutrients, water & air to better access the root zone for a healthier, thicker lawn.

***Owner is responsible for flagging sprinklers heads prior to aeration.

***All fertilizer applications contain micronutrients in addition to the basic fertilizer requirements.

Please call the office for more information and a free estimate!


Lawn maintenance and cultural practices by the home owner play an important role in the outcome and results of a professional lawn care program. Watering and mowing are the most important cultural practices, and without proper maintenance, a lawn cannot reach its full potential.

  • Turf grass needs moisture for growth and development. Most turf grasses require about 1 inch of water per week from rainfall or irrigation.  Rainfall can be unreliable and inconsistent, and high temperatures and wind the can reduce amount of moisture that actually reaches the ground.
  • Your lawn will respond best after deep waterings a few times a week rather then light watering everyday. Make sure you are watering enough to deeply penetrate into the root zone which occupies the first 3-6 inches under the soil surface.
  • It is important to recognize the signs of drought stress.
    • During early signs of drought stress, turf will have a blue-gray appearance and foot prints can be seen in the turf for a period of time after being walked on. If watered at this stage, lawn will recover within 1-2 days
    • During extreme drought stress, the above ground plant parts are completely brown and only the crown and root tissues remain alive. Turf thinning can be expected and areas with poor soil conditions may not recover. Weeds can establish during drought stress and can be difficult to control with chemicals without further damaging the turf. At this stage aggressive irrigation is required for several weeks to stimulate recovery.

Please see the Tips from our Ron Hall Sprinkler Pros for more information!

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