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Our new sprinkler system installations usually take one day to complete and you will receive a sprinkler system that you can depend on for years to come. Come talk to Steve today!

What happens when you call us…

Communicate, Design & Install –

Ron Hall Sprinklers, believes that every sprinkler system is unique for a customer’s yard and needs. Expertise in irrigation planning is critical to the initial design and installation of your system. This planning helps avoid common inexperienced installer’s pitfalls like uneven sprinkler coverage, problems with pressure and improper backflow prevention. Steve Groshelle, VP at Ron Hall Sprinklers is an expert in designing sprinkler systems with over 20+ years of experience (CIC). He is also a certified landscape irrigation auditor (CLIA).

Good communication is essential to designing your system. We listen, ask questions and come to an understanding of your watering needs. We assess the unique watering requirements of your lawn and plantings. Whenever possible we separate sunny areas and shady areas. We will NEVER put spray heads and rotor heads on the same zone because they have very different precipitation rates. We test your water source and design your system within the capacity of your water and pressure supply. Since this is a long term investment for your home we will discuss every step of the process with you and select the products that best fit your needs.

Ron Hall Sprinklers specializes in:

  • Residential system design
  • Drip irrigation for hanging pots and window boxes to large flower pots and urns
  • Systems requiring a pump for drawing water from the river or other water source
  • Installing pumps to add pressure to low pressure residential areas (under 50 psi.)

Steve will custom design your system using only the highest quality components and materials available, while meeting all electrical and plumbing codes. The proposal he develops covers all costs with no surprises. Your design will provide even watering of your landscape and the integrity of your system is guaranteed. The system design will be presented in an estimate book, providing a detailed drawing and specific parts and materials that will be used. Shortly after the install is completed, another book will be sent. This book will include an as built map, adjusting procedures and cold snap instructions.

A correctly designed sprinkler system will provide the following saving features:


No longer will you have to spend precious time dragging cumbersome, gritty hose. Your lawn will be green and your plants will be healthy, all being watered while you sleep or are away from home. Everyone can use more free time!


Over and under watering can kill shrubs and lawns – costing you money. Underground sprinklers also increase property value. A properly installed irrigation system provides a good foundation for a lush green lawn. When you sell your home – who wouldn’t want the added advantage of an “automated sprinkler system”?


Water is too precious to waste. No more wasteful run-off when you forget to turn off the hose. Your system will apply the exact amount of water you choose. Most homeowners use less water when they use an automated sprinkler system.


  Ask for information about the smart controllers that are available! These controllers make daily adjustments to conserve water and ensure you are not watering more than necessary.

What to expect when the installation crew arrives

Clean Installation of Your Automated System. Our installation crews follow our innovative techniques to minimize disruption to your landscape. We give great attention to careful yard preparation. We install pipe the “trenchless way”. With our equipment we can install a brand new irrigation system in an existing lawn with minor disruption, growing back within a few weeks. The visible cut is barely noticeable as the machine moves forward. We preserve your existing turf and clean up after ourselves. NO ONE WILL DO A FINER, CLEANER JOB. When we are finished, you will own a sprinkler system that can keep your landscape green, healthy and always looking great.

Follow Through and Guarantee. We will show you how to use your new system and provide you with a watering schedule and a detailed drawing of installed head locations. During a walk through we show you how your system works, including the use of the controller, as well as component locations. We cover your new system with a 1 year guarantee against defects on workmanship and 5 year warranty on Rainbird parts.

Value. Because of our quality workmanship and water saving components our system is an excellent value. It will work efficiently and virtually trouble free. Water will be conserved and maintenance costs will be minimal.

We provide prompt, efficient, courteous, responsive service. With our experienced well trained staff we are able to provide unsurpassed service.

Interested in an estimate for an underground sprinkler system? Contact Steve Groshelle simply by filling in the information on the contact our company page.



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